Taking the first step towards a healthcare revolution in India.

Healthcare – An Exciting Journey begins!!!

It is with great pride and a deep sense of responsibility that we share the launch of Innovent Life Sciences Pvt Ltd, a subsidiary of GlobalEn, formed with the mission of bringing an all new array of Novel & Unique technology based as well as Natural & Innovative remedies for the healthcare marketplace in India, truly in line with our motto - We bring new things to life !!!

The brain-child of a group of experienced entrepreneurs, healthcare & technology experts, doctors and ayurveda physicians, is based on extensive research and a thorough understanding of the medical needs of the people of India. Our unfailing zeal and passion to alleviate the plight of the underprivileged and suffering community remains the inspiration behind this entire effort.

It is our sincere endeavour to help patients to get rid of debilitating and life threatening diseases by educating them about the therapeutic benefits of Ayurvedic herbs and natural extract based medicines that have a positive and curative effect on many of the lifestyle diseases.

The Product

Our first product SL-90 is a Natural plant based remedy to treat Diabetes based on the latest research published in the International Journal of Advanced Pharmaceutical Genuine Research (IJAPGR, 2013) Read More about SL-90 and its benefits

Diabetes caused almost one million deaths in India in 2012, becoming one of the highest contributors to mortality in the country. The International Diabetes Federation estimates that 9.2 per cent of adults in India have diabetes, making India the second country after China to have the highest prevalence of the disease. A study conducted by Dr Anoop Misra,( Director, Diabetes & Metabolic Diseases, Diabetes Foundation India ) showed that 37% of urban south Asian Indians suffer from Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes.

The Innovent Advantage

We at Innovent constantly seek to partner with other innovative product companies outside India, so as to bring a fresh and new perspective to the existing and evolving healthcare sector in India, at the same time complementing our marketing strength and ability to quickly introduce new products to our local markets successfully.

Our proposed product pipeline has several advantages which clearly sets it apart from ‘Conventional’ therapies. It is estimated that in India, over a 100 Million people have used natural remedies. Moreover there is a growing awareness and inclination ‘To try’ and ‘To use’ Natural ingredients based products to address these problems. We intend to bring a disruption in the traditional pharmaceutical industry model, in terms of superior & innovative Products as well as Delivery & Pricing to the end consumer, bringing them a sense of Joy and Satisfaction by using our path-breaking products.

The Future

Product innovation will be an ongoing exercise and in majority of the cases our products will give us a definitive 'First Mover advantage' in the Indian markets. We intend to launch more “Innovative & Natural” remedies for other lifestyle diseases such as Headache, Arthritis, High Blood Pressure, Obesity, Respiratory Disorder, Cancer, etc and a line of Nutraceuticals & other “Revolutionary Technology” based products in the immediate future.

Head Office: Suite 39, Level II, Wave Silver Tower, Sector 18, Noida – 201301 U.P. INDIA